Do you need a speaker for your professional event or conference?

I frequently present at conferences and to professional, organization and corporate groups about the strategic and tactical aspects of marketing. Some of my talks are designed to make people aware of trends and prompt thinking about how to respond to a media landscape that is changing more rapidly than ever. Other talks are designed to educate and equip people with tools they can effectively use in their own work. I favor presentations that are interactive and place an emphasis on provoking and discussing questions.

Topics include:

  • The Cultural Imperative for Marketing With Integrity, or how cultural and economic trends are changing how organizations talk to and interact with their constituents
  • Untethering Content, or why organizations need to focus on context-aware content and delivery
  • Email isn’t Dead, or a primer on email marketing best practices and how to effectively use the medium for sales support, commerce and education
  • Are You Speaking the Right Language? or defining your organization’s position and relevance to your employees, customers and prospects
  • Social Models for Non-Profit Fundraising, or how to create communities that can multiply reach and effectiveness

Personal interests also lead me to speak on topics beyond marketing. In particular, I frequently speak about endurance athletics for people with type one diabetes.