Automattic, Tumblr, Healthy Online Communities

Automattic’s acquisition of Tumblr is one of those small events* that I hope will pay big dividends for the future of the Internet. Automattic is the team behind, which powers ~35% of the world’s websites. Tumblr, before languishing under the care of Yahoo!, AOL, and Verizon, wasn’t just a microblogging brand but was one of the more positive communities on the web.

The web has gone from dominant walled villages (looking at you, AOL) to the explosion of blogs back to walled villages (hello, Facebook). An open, decentralized web is healthier for community and conversation. I hope Automattic can turn Tumblr into a healthier alternative to other social platforms and find an audience to sustain it.

*Tumblr, once a $1.1 billion company, sold for slightly more than $3 million.