Smart, strategic, creative services focused on clients’ business goals.

I’m Ian Joyce, August’s principal strategist, and I started August 15 years ago. Since then me and my network of gifted creative and technical pros have worked with scrappy start-ups and we’ve been the primary agency for a global enterprise with $600 million per year in annual revenue. Those clients have one thing in common: They want smart, strategic, creative help meeting their business goals. We delivered.

Our Work

Businesses, marketing firms and non-profits hire us to help design, launch and accelerate new brands, products and programs, while navigating the ever-changing media landscape.. Engagements typically focus on research, project validation, marketing strategy, and building sustainable organizations. We provide creative and technical services to support short and long-term projects.

We’re adept at simplifying complex ideas and communicating in ways that resonate with stakeholders and customers. We love to collaborate with interesting organizations and people. And I keep my client roster small, so each can have the attention they deserve.

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