August helps industry, non-profits and marketing agencies solve communications problems so they can focus on what they do best. We’re nimble and collaborative; clients get only the resources they need. Every engagement or project starts by understanding what a win looks like from the client’s perspective.

We offer clients

Problem solving that starts with properly framing the problem–its severity, who it affects and the consequences of not solving it–before moving toward creative, effective solutions.

Creativity in thinking and execution. We build programs and campaigns that engage audiences across all platforms, from video to social media.

Actionable analysis that uses consumer research and web and social metrics to improve where and how clients communicate. We look at qualitative and quantitative data with a critical eye, and temper it with keen intuition about human behavior.

A point of view. Sure, we have our own, but clients call on us to help craft theirs in ways that are clear, concise and compelling. We understand the power of written and visual language to influence and inform.

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